Kenya 2018 Overview

In the last 15 years we've photographed Eastern, Western, Southern and Central Kenya. We've learned much and have wonderful photographs and memories. In 2018 we want to visit four favorite locations, staying a few days at each, so we are planning a  14 day Wildlife Safari to Premier Kenyan Game Parks.


Sweetwater's Camp & Chimpanzee Sanctuary

The camp is an oasis around a water hole set in the pristine calm of the private Ol Pejeta Conservancy.  All of the big five can be seen right here.  The Sanctuary was established with an agreement between the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and the Jane Goodall Institute.  Check back to read more about this location.


Meru National Park

This wild park is less visited than many others in Kenya but offers wildife and vistas seen no where else.

Check back as we fill you in on it's attractions.


The Lakes

The lakes of Kenya's Rift Valley are rich in wildlife.  We've seen more rhinos near Lake Naivasha than anywhere else.  These lions were sleeping in a tree next to Lake Nakuru. Lake Bogoria or Lake Baringo, which was full of Flamingos. Which was adjacent to red cliffs with wild coffee trees and crested starlings? We need to look back and fill in these blanks.

Check back as we add details about this portion of the trip.


Samburu National Reserve

Samburu is a magical part of Kenya with its Reticulated Giraffes, Oryx, Grevy's Zebra, Cheetahs & African Dogs, DikDik and Gerenuks like those seen to the left.  Offering riverine and plains habitat both, Samburu is perhaps our favorite park in Kenya.

Check back as we flesh out this portion of the trip.

An African Safari is a grand adventure for all of us and a big investment. For some guests it fulfills a lifelong dream, and for others it is the beginning of many more safaris to Africa.

We work to find the lowest price available with reasonable accommodations and amenities. Our price for 2018 is expected to be $4,450, including all costs within Kenya except tips and your personal spending. We are publishing as the trip takes shape to give you this information as early as possible.

By traveling in early June before Kenya's high season we get better rates and avoid crowds. These dates have worked beautifully for the last several years. We've had very little rain - the weather has been 80's in the day and 60's at night with low humidity. We limit the number of people in the eight person van to four so that we can move about, take photos, use binoculars.

We can arrange international flights for you but in the past guests have often wanted to use their miles, or to make personal stops. Just let us know your preference.